My name is Mateusz Świstak. I am roman catholic priest from Diocese of Tarnów, Poland. Since 2016 I’m working in Ukraine in Archdiocese of Lviv. In august 2018 I become a parish priest in Nadvirna. 

The Roman Catholic parish in Nadvirna dates back to 15th century. In 1599 a church was built, which was consecrated by the Latin Archbishop of Lviv Jan Dymitr Solikowski. Upon the initiative of the last pre-war parish priest, Fr. Jozef Smaczniak, in 1937-1938 the church was extended. The design was done by the Lviv architect Wawrzyniec Dayczak. The completion of works was interrupted by war. During the German occupation, the Gestapo arrested Father Smaczniak on August 17, 1941. The priest died in the prison in Stanislawow (now Ivano-Frankivsk) on June 17, 1942. After the war had ended resettlement of the inhabitants of Nadvirna began on the so-called Recovered Territories (northern and western Poland). After this, the church in Nadvirna became deserted. In 1947, the communists transformed church building into a warehouse.

The Roman Catholic community in Nadvirna regained its church building in 1991 in very poor condition. 
After the fall of Communism, it was possible to regain possession of the Church. Through the communal efforts of parishioners and benefactors, they brought it to usable condition. It is in that state until this day.
The church suffers from severe dampness (there is no proper drainage), and therefore mould has taken hold on most of the walls. The roof often cracks and creaks disturbingly, leaking in bad weather. New windows are needed. The Church is big (it is not possible to finance heating), and the walls are stained by leaks and require renovation. Our parish was made up of almost 6000 parishioners before the War; now, the number of parishioner is about 100 persons.


The first phase of renovation work requires about 40,000 USD (which is equivalent to about 1,000,000 UAH). The renovation work is divided into a number of phases. The first regards drainage; the next is the reinforcement of the roof and to stop leaking; the third phase foresees new windows (there are currently very unstable and perilous condition). The renovation will also renew some of the interior, in particular the electrical installation (installed during the Communist regime). Renovation plans also include renovation of the sanctuary and the execution of a new altar and pulpit.
Parishioners have decided to gather 5,000 USD by their own means from their own incomes and pensions. To better illustrate the difficult economic realities, I would like to put that sum into context. The median monthly salary in Ukraine is 7,000 UAH (about 275 USD). To fill a car gas tank of about 50 L, it is necessary to pay 1,500 UAH. Gas and electricity bills require from 4,000-5,000 UAH per month, where 1 USD recently is equivalent to 25 UAH.
That is why I have decided to start the project in cooperation with The Auxilium Foundation from Tarnów, Poland (I come from this Diocese). They have made available a sub-account for fund collection.
I turn to you, dear reader, asking for a gift from your heart, a tithe, whatever feels right to you. I don’t ask for this for myself, but for my parishioners. I see their hard work and effort, their heart and engagement in saving the Church building – and through the building, this parish family. I see that their sincere solicitude for their community’s church is a sign and witness for others. We have people who come from a far to participate in the life of this small parish family. By assuming such a huge undertaking of renovation, we do this for the future generations of people of good will, who will be led to our parish church by Divine Providence.
I firmly believe that the Church is universal; that those we ask, receive; that those who knock, will have the door opened to them. I, therefore, ask you for financial help. May the Church in Nadvirna be a continually vibrant community; and may the faithful continue to count on the presence of a parish priest.


The first phase is the renovation of the Church building and its surroundings. This includes: excavational work, drainage and insulation of the Church foundation from water, drainage of the terrain, installation of rainwater drainage systems, installation of sewer pipes and grates for rainwater, renovation and installation of gutters, assessment of roof condition (rafters and trusses) and the preparation for roof cover replacement.

Foreseen cost of the investment: $40,000 USD (about 1,000,000 UAH) 
Attention! Due to Covid-19 renovation works were moved to 2021 



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